Featured Study


Is your child more likely to pay attention to an adult or to other kids? Do they seem more interested when someone is speaking to them directly or when they can observe other people interacting?  All children adjust their attention according to what is happening in the world around them, and this study is interested in how visual attention (whether and how a listener looks at the face of someone who is speaking) changes depending on what kind of social interaction a child is observing. By learning more about these processes, we may be able to better understand social communication development in children with ASD and design more effective intervention programs to support communication development in all children.

In this study, your child will watch some videos in front of our eye-tracking software. Your child will also participate in some standardized testing, also designed to be fun for children.

If you are in the Boston area and have a child with ASD under the age of 30 months, come visit us…breaks and snacks will be provided as needed, and you will remain with your child the entire time.  They will get a prize or book as a thank-you for their help (and free parking is provided)!